Xi’an Restores Half of Its Targeted 105 ‘Beautiful Villages’ Ahead of Schedule

Since Xi’an launched the ‘Three-Year (2018-2020) Action Plan for Rural Residents’ Environment Improvement in Xi’an’ in 2018, 85 out of 105 villages that were listed in the 2019 ‘Beautiful Villages’ project have already been completed by the end of July 2019.

By improving rural infrastructure facilities, implementing initiatives such as refuse classification and upgrading the protection of historical buildings, the Xi’an’s rural environment has improved significantly.

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“We follow traditional Guanzhong culture in the restoration of historic architecture and try to avoid building excessively large public squares and out-of-place modern amenities, which may cause cultural alienation.” says Baoming Miao, Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Xi’an. “The goal is to reconstruct villages that reach a relatively high ecological standard while reflecting our true rural culture and heritage.”

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The model village from this project, Baijiawan Village in Chang’an District, is selected because of its tidy outlook and intense taste of local culture. Its renovations and reconstruction saw all the village lanes paved with asphalt and painted with clear marking lines. Apart from that, every street is equipped with solar street lamps, blue-bricked flower beds and handmade bamboo fences where laurel and grapes are free to grow.

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Since the launch in 2018, 346 villages have joined in and implemented the restoration work, where 241 communities are checked and accepted by an independent on-site test. During these assessments, Lijiayan Village in Caotang Town received the title ‘A Beautiful Livable Village of China’, while Ren Village in Tongyuan Town, Gaoling District was voted as ‘A Model Village of Environmental Rehabilitation’.

China Xi’an city landmark, the bell tower. Image: 123RF

Those intending to travel to Xi’an might expect a total new look by 2020, as the Xi’an municipal government aims to restore a total number of 320 ‘Beautiful Villages’!

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