[Video] Adventure Live! Dodging Crazy Traffic, Skimming the Seashore, and Eating Crickets in Southeast Asia

Now everyone can livestream to an audience using Facebook Live. But what happens when you travel around a city in real-time and let an audience of thousands decide what happens next, putting power in the hands of the fans?

In the first three out of the six featured Southeast Asian destinations, we followed Natalie Kniese as a local guide brings her around Vietnam’s northern city of Hanoi, the central Philippines’ Cebu and Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon. Supported by the We Are KIX team, Nat takes on fun tasks and gives away AirAsia BIG Points.

Being a pedestrian in Hanoi and navigating its streets require certain skills. Nat’s Viet street cred gets tested on a motorbike and on the ubiquitous plastic stools on the roadside. Will she pass with flying colours?

From the city, Nat goes to the islands and feasts on seafood and mangoes, tries a Filipino martial art and plays with fire. See blue in Adventure Live! Cebu.

This isn’t the Myanmar you see in photos. Nat gets viewers to choose her longyi (sarong) and catches some dancers in the street next to chinlon (sepak takraw) players in downtown Yangon where the old and new collide.

As a truly Asean airline, AirAsia seeks creative ways to merge technology, travel and ideas. Tune in for the rest of the series on the next three Fridays for a chance to win 50,000 AirAsia BIG Points—enough for a trip to a Southeast Asian destination! Join Denise Chan as she travels to Lombok on 7 July, Phnom Penh on 14 July and Luang Prabang on 21 July at 5pm (UTC+8) on the AirAsia Facebook page.


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