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Top Reasons to Visit City of Dreams Manila

The new kid on the block, City of Dreams Manila in the Philippines is bringing with it big names and brands that will sure excite the young and the old.

Here are the top reasons why City of Dreams Manila should be in your itinerary.

Spend a day with Shrek, Po and many more!

Prepare for a day of fun at the world’s first DreamWorks theme park, Dreamplay. Rides and attractions are based on popular animation features. Test your endurance in a Kung Fu Panda-based obstacle course, use your imagination to design your very own dragon, or even make your own animation! Cool doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Sleep in Nobu

Guests can choose to stay at the three hotels in City of Dreams namely the Hyatt, Crown Hotels and Asia’s first Nobu Hotel that features Japanese design aesthetics and minimalist elegance one can expect from the Nobu brand.

Let your taste buds travel the world!

Your tummy will be happy to know that City of Dreams Manila’s three signature restaurants have been named among the Top 20 restaurants in the Philippines. If you fancy Chinese food, then head over to the Crystal Dragon; for Japanese fare, Nobu is the place to go; and The Tasting Room is where you’ll go on a gastronomic French adventure.

Party on!

Chaos and Pangaea is developed by the group led by “International King of Clubs”, Michael Van Cleef Ault, considered one of the most experienced nightclub operators on the planet! You can bet that he lent his expertise in designing Chaos and Pangaea which will redefine the nightlife scene in the Philippines.

Must be all that gold

If you’re a chrysophilist (a lover of all things gold) then you’ll feel right at home in City of Dreams. The exterior design of the resort is similar to gold blocks stacked up on top of one another. There’s even a dome-like structure called the Fortune Egg that glistens in the night time.

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