Tokyo Travel Essentials

While there are no giant monsters battling in Tokyo’s streets, the reality is every bit as exhilarating. A city of stark contrasts, Tokyo is fast-paced and frantic, tech-obsessed and trendy. Yet despite the fixation with everything new, nostalgia for tradition does not waver, as seen in the numerous temples, museums and beautiful gardens. Your visit to Tokyo probably won’t be the last.

Best time to visit
Catch Tokyo’s cherry blossom season in the springtime, between the months of March and May. This is an ideal time for travelers to experience Tokyo. Another excellent time to visit is in autumn, from September until November. Days are cool with plenty of sunshine. Summer is from June until August, marked by the occasional rainshower. For a full winter experience, travel to Tokyo between December and February.

Electrical outlet type:

 Type A (2 pins, ungrounded)

Type B (3 pins, grounded)

Currency: Japanese Yen (JPY)

Top modes of transport from the airport and cost estimate to city centre
– Narita Airport is located 60km away from central Tokyo. Taxi fares start at JPY20,000 into central Tokyo and the ride takes approximately an hour
– JR Narita Express provides an express train service that takes 60 minutes and costs around JPY3,000
– JR Sobu Line is the slower but cheaper alternative to Narita Express. It takes 90 minutes and costs JPY1,320
-Tokyo Shuttle Bus is a direct bus that costs approximately JPY900 to JPY1,000
– Ride-hailing fares are approximately JPY27,000 to downtown

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