Study Confirms that Human Instagram Influencers are Losing Influence. Follow These 5 Cute Non-Humans Instead

“Curate your life. Create stunning photos. Elevate your Instagram influence.” The exact phrase was lifted out of a handbook on how to be an Instagram influencer. Yep, there are such books that specifically guide people on how to achieve the gold mine that is Instagram fame.

But is it a gold mine, really?

According to the Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report 2019 by InfluencerDB (a Europe-based influencer marketing technology company), Instagram influencer engagements have declined since last year. The Like Follower Ratio (average number of likes on each post in proportion to the number of followers on an Instagram account) for the travel category has declined to 4.5% in 2019 as compared to 8% in 2018, though it still towers over other themes like food (3.2%) and fashion (3.5%).

Average users are no longer responding to all the similar-looking pics in front of the same popular spots, with overused captions such as “Life’s a beach”, “Take me back”, or “Not all those who wander are lost” (bless the late J.R.R. Tolkien for this masterpiece catchphrase). Let’s not even get started on the hashtag #wanderlust.

Images via @taramilktea, @doyoutravel, @gypsea_lust on Instagram.

Yup, we are bored seeing the same old things with no originality. With Instagram Stories on rise, people are more attracted to honest and live updates as opposed to carefully-shot and curated posts. But then… however will we get our ‘wanderlust’ fix without all the heavily-edited and picture-perfect posts?

Well you know what’s better than human influencers? Animal influencers! Not only do they have better adventures, their captions are sometimes hilarious and way more insightful than your average travel influencers. 

Check out these 5 totally adorable non-human accounts worth following just for the smiles they imprint on your soul.

1. Chapati the Dog (@travelingchapati)

Bring out the tissues, the story of Chapati the travelling dog might invite ninjas to cut onions right in front of your face. When Ukrainian couple Kristina Masalova and Eugene Petrus were travelling around India, they never expected that their lives would be changed forever after meeting a starving puppy somewhere near Fort Kochi. Multiple visits to multiple veterinarians later, they grew attached to the puppy and decided to adopt her. The name Chapati came about because she was thin and tan when they first met her. We think it’s totally catchy too. Born in India, Chapati has since travelled far and wide, including Nepal, Thailand, Italy, Denmark, and Ukraine.

Image via @travelingchapati on Instagram.

2. Suki the Cat (@sukiicat)

With 1.5 million followers on Instagram, Suki the adventure cat is a force to be reckoned with. Her regular feed which features the Bengal cat in various drool-worthy nature spots all over the world puts most human travel influencers to shame. Suki’s beautiful leopard-print fur and stunning mint green eyes make a striking contrast to the panoramic snow-capped mountains and pristine blue lakes of Switzerland, which she calls home. A true outdoor lover, she embarks on excursions to other countries including Germany and Canada, but on normal days she can spotted out and about with her other equally-adventurous friends @jaspywoof and @codathewoof.

Image via @sukiicat on Instagram.

3. Doug the Pug (@dougthepug)

Now here’s a dog that’s truly livin’ it up! When he’s not hanging out with the main cast of hit Netflix series Riverdale, he can be seen cuddling with Justin Bieber. Not only that, he also calls the recently-married Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner ‘fam’! Yup, the pug they call Doug is definitely cooler than your high school crush. Check out @dougthepug’s IG to follow his adventures to Paris, Italy, and all over the United States, as well as random celebrities hugging him.

Image via @dougthepug on Instagram.

4. The Travelling Cats (@the.traveling.cats)

When Japanese human Daisuke Nagasawa started realising how much he is missing his two rescue cats every time he goes on his work travels, he came up with a perfect solution: why not just bring the two along? Not one to compromise on comfort for his best feline buddies Daikichi and Fuku-Chan, Nagasawa prepared a special stroller as well as a backpack for their outdoor adventures. The threesome has been travelling around all 47 prefectures of Japan for 8 years, and showing no signs of slowing down. Follow the @the.traveling.cats on IG for adorable pictures of the cats enjoying the sakura season in Osaka or napping across the lake near Mount Fuji.

Image via @the.traveling.cats on Instagram.

5. Nathan the Beach Cat (@nathan_thebeachcat)

While most cats are quick to bring their claws out at the sight of water, Nathan the beach cat literally dives right into it. When her human paw-rents Rian and Melissa adopted her from a local animal shelter (after she was found in a box alongside a busy highway), they had no idea that the all-black short-haired cat would turn out to be incredibly smart, affectionate, and totally digging the ocean! Perhaps being born in Australia might have something to do with it, as Nathan’s adopted sister, another black beauty named Winnie also loves to go for a swim.

Image via @nathan_thebeachcat on Instagram.

So..which ones from this adorable bunch are you going to follow? Let us know in the comments! 😉

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Written by Irvin Hanni

Irvin enjoys conversations with the trees and the stars. Sometimes they share recipes, sometimes they share jokes.

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