Spectacular Every Season: Insta-Worthy Spots in Hokkaido for Your Next Japan Holiday

A destinations for all seasons, Hokkaido mesmerises visitors with its picturesque natural attractions.

1. Blue Pond in Biei

It’s easy to imagine that some celestial body from the heavens would have a liking towards blue margarita and decided to bless a spot on Earth with it. But the origins of the stunning Blue Pond in Biei is actually more scientific than mystical (or maybe a combination of both). This man-made pond came about in 1988, when a large dam was built along Biei River to prevent volcanic mud after the eruption of Mount Tokachi from flowing into town. The striking azure hue is caused by the high concentration of aluminium hydroxide, and makes for a vivid and serene scenery that will surely bring in the likes on Instagram.

2. Mount Yotei

Hokkaido is famous for its exciting snow activities scene, including one of the most well-known ski resorts in Japan, Niseko. What makes Niseko extra special are the stunning views of Mount Yotei (also known as ‘Mini Fuji’ due to its similar look), whether you are skiing, snowboarding or simply enjoying a hot matcha latte on a cold snowy day.

3. Kamiyubetsu Tulip Farm

Rows of blooming tulips in a wide variety of colours – red, white, purple, pink, orange and yellow – make this park a true floral wonderland in springtime. Expect more than a million tulips from 120 varieties if you visit here between May and June. Don’t forget a selfie in front of the Dutch mill in the middle of the rainbow field to for a whole lot of panoramic memories!

4. Lavender Farms in Furano

Love purple? Come to Furano, where you can frolic around the never-ending fields of lavender. There are a myriad of flower farms in town, the most popular ones being Tomita Farm and Saika Farm. Don’t forget to level up your visit here with a delicious cone of lavender soft-serve ice-cream. You truly won’t regret this, as Hokkaido is one of the best soft-serve producers in the world!

5. Onuma Park

A 40-minute drive from Hokkaido, Onuma-Quasi National Park makes an amazing nature outing with plenty of activities including leisure cruising, canoeing, cycling and not to mention, plenty of IG-worthy sceneries. Take a relaxing stroll along the pretty bridges that connect little islets around Onuma Lake. Whilst at Konuma Lake, a stop at the Tsukimibashi Bridge is a must for photo ops, as it is also popular for its water lilies.

6. Daisetsuzan National Park

For a taste of Japan’s natural marvels, nothing beats a trek through Daisetsuzan National Park, the country’s largest national park. About a three-hour drive from Sapporo, the park’s 55-kilometre hiking trail takes you through crisp alpine forests, along meandering rivers and past two active volcanoes (Asahidake and Tokachidake), which are the trail’s start and end points respectively.

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