Onsen 101

There are over 3,000 hot spring resorts located throughout Japan! But we definitely love the ones in Hokkaido because of the snowy backdrop in the winter months. Imagine you’re out and about exploring the region and at the end of the day waiting for you is the warm and inviting onsen. Trust me, that feeling is incomparable!

Onsen 101

Maximise your time in Hokkaido by planning your trip around certain festivals. It’s a great way to experience the best this region has to offer while also soaking in the onsens.

Hakodate Offshore Winter Fireworks Display

If you plan to visit Hokkaido around winter time then you’ll be treated to amazing fireworks display at Toyokawa Wharf. It’s truly a spectacular sight especially when there’s snow. The best places to see the fireworks are from Mt. Hakodate, Hakodate Station and the Bay Area.

Onsen 101

If you missed the winter fireworks display, don’t worry as there is another set of fireworks display happening in August with the Yunokawa Hot Spring Resort Fireworks Display. Make your way to Matsukura River and watch as the fireworks colour the summer sky.

Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden

If you were denied entry into an onsen because of a tattoo then your next best option is to live vicariously through the snow monkeys! Here you can watch them leisurely soak in the hot spring and enjoy something that you missed out on. Besides that you can also visit the tropical garden that is home to about 3,000 exotic plants including ones with peculiar names like “Ice Cream Tree” and “Sausage Tree”.

Onsen 101

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