Forget YEEZY, this Indomie Sneakers is Truly Ballin’

Just how much do the Indonesians love their Indomie? Enough to inspire a pair of custom-made Nike Air Jordans, apparently.

Singapore-based Indonesian designer @mr.s.custom kicked up a buzz on social media recently when he posted pictures of a pair of custom-made sneakers inspired by this unofficial national food of the country. It was based on an original conceptual idea by @arifwhy.

The kicks in the spotlight is a pair of Nike Air Jordan clad in the Indomie colours of red, white and yellow, featuring wiry noodle patterns and the signature Swoosh. In case anyone still missed the reference, the shoes were also marked with Indomie logo on the bottom outer corner, and the phrase Micin Generation printed on the sidewall.

Original conceptual idea by @arifwhy

Micin Generation is a local term to describe the young generation in Indonesia that are obsessed with anything instant, including but not limited to the instant gratification of sharing all aspects of life on social media.

Micin stands for monosodium glutamate or MSG, a prominent in instant noodles ingredient, hence the Indomie reference. There’s even a movie on this subculture, aptly titled Generasi Micin.

Custom made Game Of Thrones sneakers by @mr.s.custom

The Micin Generation certainly loved this novelty idea, judging by the amount of attention the Indomie sneakers have been getting. Pictures have been making rounds all over the ‘net and the original posts on Instagram have amassed more than 10,000 likes and steadily increasing.

Such is the popularity of Indomie that when @mr.s.custom announced that they will be making 20 limited edition pairs of the Indomie sneakers, orders quickly came in not only from Indonesia but also Malaysia, Singapore and America.

Custom made The Simpsons sneakers by @mr.s.custom

Indomie is not merely a popular ‘easy food’. It is a distinct Indonesian export, an intangible cultural heritage not yet recognised by UNESCO (maybe in a hundred years or so). For the Indonesian people (and much of Malaysia, the rest of Southeast Asia, and the lucky few all around the world), it is part of life. Always there when you need a quick meal fix or when cash is low.

So forget YEEZYs. If you’re thinking about making heads turn whilst strutting about, there’s only one shoe in town that is hyping up the buzz right now.

What do you think?

Written by Irvin Hanni

Irvin enjoys conversations with the trees and the stars. Sometimes they share recipes, sometimes they share jokes.

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