Here Are 5 Things You Must Absolutely Do in Shanghai

A buzzing metropolis with towering skyscrapers and a population of close to 27 million. This megacity is Shanghai, China’s biggest city. Once a muddy fishing village, Shanghai is now a global financial district. This is a city where centuries-old traditions meet ultra-modern technology.

If you’re heading to this exciting city soon and you’re wondering what to do in Shanghai, well fret not, cos we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks:

Take A Walk Along The Bund

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The Bund consists of a promenade flanked by a stretch of 52 buildings of different architectural styles on one side and the Huangpu River on the other. Taking a walk through the promenade will give you a greater appreciation for these architectural marvels and a deeper understanding of the city’s history. The best time to visit is in the evening when you’ll get plenty of opportunities for that perfect sunset shot for your Instagram.

Go Shopping on Nanjing Road

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With more than 600 stores offering both local and designer goods, Nanjing Road is a shopper’s paradise. If you’re looking to buy locally made goods for souvenirs or gifts, you’re in for a treat. Here you’ll find silk cloths and other fabric, Chinese calligraphy and paintings, jewellery and even traditional Chinese medicine.

Up Your Instagram Game at 33 Old Millfun

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This former slaughterhouse was built in 1933 by the British but now it houses a gallery, restaurants, and spaces for artists and designers to showcase their work. In addition to its art deco architecture, the layout of the building is also highly interesting with kriss-krossing staircases, bridges and corridors. It’s now the perfect address for photoshoots, product launches, fashion shows and even concerts. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an Instagrammer, this place will have you clicking away.

Discover Your Artistic Side at M50 Creative Park

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With more than 140 modern and contemporary art galleries, studios and outdoor exhibits, 50 Moganshan Road or M50 Creative Park as it is popularly known is undoubtedly Shanghai largest creative district. Rub shoulders with artists, both local and international as you browse through some of the best artwork in China. And the best part – the art galleries let you in for FREE! While you’re there, don’t forget the nearby graffiti wall that Shanghai is famous for.

Eat the Delicious Shanghainese Xiao Long Bao

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There is a reason this was saved for last – it’s the best! Xiao long bao, also known as soup dumpling, is a dish you must not miss in Shanghai. There are plenty of restaurants across the city that offer this delectable treat. Customarily filled with a minced pork broth cube, the cube melts when steamed and releases a yummy soup when you bite into the soft dumpling. Oh-so-good! The tricky bit is trying to eat it without making a complete mess of yourself. But even if you do, who cares? It’s part of the experience!

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