DreamWorks DreamPlay – Play, Create and Learn

Bright, colourful and full of excitement, my five senses are engaged as I interact with the environment that is certainly a great way to experience anything.

As I inched closer to the entrance of DreamWorks DreamPlay, the world’s first interactive DreamWorks theme park in City of Dreams Manila, I could feel the five-year-old in me taking over. My eyes widened as I felt the excitement in me build, slowly I embraced the sights and sounds – I haven’t even arrived at the entrance yet! My jaw drops when I do, and it quickly transforms into a smile. “This is going to be awesome!” I thought as I walked through the entrance.

Seriously, how can you not be excited when faced with this?

DreamPlay is considerably dimmed as opposed to the rest of City of Dreams. I entered. One blink. A multitude of colours flashed before me. Another blink. The sound of laughter and joy reverberated throughout. As my pupils finally adjusted to the light, I could see a world where my inner child could be set free and revel in all its offerings.

DreamWorks DreamPlay certainly lives up to its tagline: where one can come here to play, create and learn. Before entering, guests are required to wear an electronic tag that records your activity while you’re in the interactive theme park. For example, in Shrek’s Swamp Stomp one is required to search for hidden keys in and around the swamp and tap on the panels with your tag when you’ve successfully located the “key”.

Can you help Shrek find his keys?

DinoTrux allows you to control your very own Reptools (orb-like devices) and navigate through a maze using a tablet. Certainly a great way to test your hand-eye coordination. I was told that this is a new cartoon television series currently in development. Judging by the attraction I am excited to see how the cartoon turns out.

Keep an eye on the cartoon series when it airs soon!

Based on the How to Train Your Dragon feature animation, the attraction called How to Fly Your Dragon is where I was able to make my very own dragon! And best of all I got to see my creation fly or rather slide down. There are many parts to choose from, so let your creativity run wild when creating your dragon, like I did with Fire Belcher, the name I gave my dragon.

I shall name my dragon Fire Belcher!

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As I approached Gingy’s Kitchen, the sweet scent of cinnamon filled the air. This is not an eatery but a workshop where participants learn how to make their own gingerbread man, decorate it and finally eat it! There is nothing more satisfying then enjoying something you personally made, which will fill your stomach with sugary goodness.

A group of children eagerly waiting to decorate their gingerbread man

DreamStudio is a place where you can create simple animation using your favourite characters from DreamWorks animation franchises. This is a simplified version of the proprietary software that animators use at the studio and a great way to ignite your child’s creativity.

Create your very own animation right here at DreamStudio!

One cannot but chuckle at the name of this, Whatever Floats Your Boat, and much like How to Fly Your Dragon, you will have to make your own floating device that you have to navigate to the finishing line.

Creativity and innovation are tested here, so make sure to bring all that creative juice to DreamWorks DreamPlay

I like to think of Afro Circus as a painless and friendlier version of one of the obstacles from the TV series American Gladiator, where contestants have to avoid getting hit by projectiles. This is a multi-level play area full of foam balls that you can fire into the air or at each other (which is way more fun, obviously).

This is where you’ll find the characters from Madagascar

Do you want to become the next Dragon Warrior? Then I suggest you head over to Fast As Lightning Kung Fu Fighting where the great masters will teach you how to kick dumplings. It is similar to Microsoft Kinect, as participants are required to follow the on-screen instructors to complete the kung fu training.

Follow Po and Monkey as they teach you the secrets of becoming a martial arts master

The Wall of Destiny is not for the faint of heart, but if you are able to conquer this, then you are truly prepared to become the Dragon Warrior. This attraction based on the Kung Fu Panda series will test your physical endurance, so make sure you warm up before trying!

Are you brave enough to conquer the Wall of Destiny?

Located next to each other are the DreamTheater and DreamTales Library. The former features existing DreamWorks animation with added special effects, while the library is where children can relax and enjoy a good book.

Catch your favourite DreamWorks feature animation, now with 4D action

My heart aches whenever I hear children cry, so as I wrapped up my day at DreamWorks DreamPlay, my heart ached for the children who were crying and refusing to leave. When the children go home and continue their journey through life, I do hope they never let that child in them disappear, much like I did. So does that mean we all have to grow up and lose our sense of awe? No. It just means we’re giving other children a chance to experience this wondrous place before we return once more.

Upper Ground Floor, The Shops at the Boulevard, City of Dreams Manila
ADMISSION (WEEKDAY): For adults, P210 (two-hour pass), P380 (four-hour pass), P830 (day pass). For children, P380 (two-hour pass), P680 (four-hour pass), P1,500 (day pass).
ADMISSION (WEEKEND): For adults, P270 (two-hour pass), P490 (four-hour pass), P1,100 (day pass). For children, P480 (two-hour pass), P880 (four-hour pass), P2,000 (day pass)
OPENING HOURS: 10am – 8pm (Weekdays) and 10am – 10pm (Friday – Sunday and Holidays)
TICKET PURCHASE: At the DreamPlay entrance, or online via
Cash, credit cards or Dream Rewards points accepted.

*Note that adults who wish to gain admission into DreamWork DreamPlay must be accompanied with children.

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