Chiang Mai Travel Essentials

Close to the lofty peaks of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a fast favourite amongst digital nomads and travellers for its liveability and value for money. Founded in 1296 as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom, the Rose of the North is home to over 300 temples, the walled Old City, and artsy night markets. Make it your base for exploring the fascinating mountain regions of the north.

Best time to visit
Chiang Mai is at its best in the cool, dry months from October to February. March to June can be scorching hot. During the rainy season from July to September, it only rains for an hour at a time, making Chiang Mai a viable option.

Electrical outlet type: Type A (2 flat pins), Type B (2 flat pins, grounded), Type C (2 round pins), Type F (2 round pins)

Currency: Thai Baht (THB)

Top modes of transport from the airport and cost estimate to city centre
Chiang Mai International Airport is roughly 15 minutes away from Old City and Night Bazaar.
– Songthaew from THB 40
– Minivan from THB 60
– Tuktuk from THB 100
– Taxi/Ride-hailing from THB 160

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