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  • 8 Important Religious Sites That Showcase The Importance Of Quanzhou

    Many countries around the world can boast about having a healthy mix of cultures, religions and races. But, once you’ve gone and travelled to Quanzhou city in the Fujian province of China, you might find that you’ll easily change your mind. If you’re familiar with […] More

  • Are You A True Malaysian? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

    Here we are, on the eve of our Independence Day. Most of us are feeling patriotic, some of us are looking forward to the long weekend, others are planning to decorate their houses and cars with flags, or catch the fireworks at Dataran Merdeka. What […] More

  • 20 Things That Make Us Absolutely Malaysian

    We Malaysians may complain a lot about the state of things (like the weather, the economy and certain people), but if you think about it for just a few seconds, we’re lucky — all things considered.  We have great food, great people, and despite us […] More

  • What Tun M Got Up To At RedQ

    Friday, 16 August 2019, marked a very important day for AirAsia, and those present at RedQ, because our very own prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad, dropped by the office! To celebrate this momentous occasion, the RedQ family was bedecked in red. Everything and […] More

  • 10 True ‘Hantu’ Stories, As Told By Malaysians

    Boo! Did we scare you? We hope we did. If not, you’re about to be spooked in a bit… One thing that we have in common in Malaysia, or even Asia for that matter is, no matter how our conversations go, it will all somehow […] More

  • KL Fashion Week ’19 Sneak Peek With Alia Bastamam #KLFW2019

    As we speed towards KL Fashion Week 2019, it’s getting harder and harder to contain our excitement as we anticipate the looks that will be on display. Only the best of the very best designers get to put their creative foot forward to showcase beautiful […] More

  • 10 More Green Destinations Around The World (Part 2)

    Welcome to the second part of our top 20 list of green countries and cities around the world! Previously, we listed down 10 other destinations, which might pique your interest as well. As we continue on our research and findings, we are more than happy […] More

  • 10 Green Destinations Around The World (Part 1)

    Since Malaysia and perhaps all of Asia for that matter, are now working towards a more sustainable lifestyle and culture, it’s good to have some role models to look up to.  There are about 20 cities in the world at the moment that are setting […] More

  • 10 Essential Safety Tips For The Solo Female Traveller

    Did you know that solo female travellers make up more than half of the highest travel demographic these days? It’s been proven: However, despite the hike in solo female travellers globally in this day and age, this question still lingers: “But is it safe for […] More

  • All You Need To Know About #FairAirportPSC, And Why You Should Care

    There have been talks about a hike in taxes at Malaysian airports for a while now, and we are continually fighting for our right for #FairAirportPSC. It’s an ongoing battle that still needs support from all ends, not only from the airport staff but also […] More

  • Slay On Vacay: How To Choose The Perfect Swimwear For Your Body Type

    Word is, Instagram influencers are dwindling in their ‘measurable influences’ or successes. While studies have found that they have lost the ability to actually sway anybody’s decision whether or not to buy or promote something, there’s really one BIG thing that we’ve all got to […] More

  • Japan Bucket List: 10 Must-Go Places In Tokyo & Sapporo

    Welcome back to yet another episode of Japan Bucket List! This time we’re pinpointing Tokyo and Sapporo, so be sure to bookmark this for your planning purposes. ICYMI, we did a similar bucket list of must-visit places in Osaka and Fukuoka, which you might want […] More

  • Japan Bucket List: 10 Must-Go Places In Osaka & Fukuoka

    While Japan can be one of the most exciting places to go in the world, it can also very easily be overwhelming. After all, when planning to visit every nook and cranny of one of the most colourful countries in the world, where does one […] More

  • Thrill-seekers, This Space Will Be Your New ‘Haunt’

    Not for the faint-hearted: fans of Breakout Room can take it up a notch and experience the various supernatural entities based on Malaysian culture and folklore at ‘Hauntu’. Better yet, fans of horror films, ghosts, and especially haunted houses can really immerse themselves in Malaysia’s […] More

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