Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru: Let the Games Begin!

So what can Angry Birds do to continue their world domination? By launching the Angry Birds Activity Park, of course!

The Angry Birds Activity Park opened its doors in Malaysia back in 2014 and is the first Angry Birds themed attraction in Asia. The theme park is located at KOMTAR JBCC making it convenient for Johor Bahru locals as well as Singaporeans to visit.

I was interested to see how they would translate a game into a real-world setting. Was I going to see children being shot into the air as they try to bring down structures built by pigs? (That would certainly be interesting.)

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru
Step in and get transported into the world of Angry Birds!

The park opens from 10am to 10 pm daily. During peak periods such as school holidays, the park admits a limited number of guests per session in order to control the crowd. I visited the park with my cousins during low season, so the crowd was still manageable. My advice is to plan your visit if you want to experience the park properly and generally want to avoid the crowd.

The park covers a total area of 26, 000 square feet, with rides and attractions spread across four sections: Danger Zone, Utopia, Classic and South Beach, in addition to the store where you can buy official Angry Birds merchandise.

Here are some of the highlights that I recommend:

Danger Zone

Space Drop Air Bag

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru
Are you “bird” enough to make the jump?


Air Parkour Track

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru
Why launch birds into the sky when you can launch yourself!

Piggy Shooting Gallery

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru
No pigs were harmed in the process

Laser Maze Spaceship

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru
My name is Bird. Angry Bird.


Angry Birds GO! Kart Track

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru
Some pedal power fun!

South Beach

Red Bird Sona

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru
An interactive play area that teaches kids about math

By the end of the day, my cousins were both tired from jumping, laughing and running about. This is definitely a great way to spend time with your kids, especially the active ones where who you can tire out with the various fun activities found at Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru.

Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru City Centre,
80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
(07) 221 0260 / (07) 300 5090

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