A Place to Lift your Spirits: Taps Beer Bar

Kuala Lumpur has one of Asia’s most exciting, burgeoning bar scenes. The 2017 KL Bar Awards celebrates the capital city’s cocktail creativity and bar luminaries with a host of honours.

Best Beer Bar

Alvin Lim is a co-owner of Taps Beer Bar

“My cousins and I used to go out drinking a lot. Then we thought, why don’t we just open our own bar?” Alvin Lim explains with a hearty laugh. In 2011, Lim and his family opened Taps Beer Bar – the winner of The Bar Awards KL 2017 Best Beer Bar category and one of the very first bars in Malaysia to offer craft beers.

There are more than 150 types of beers available here.

The early days were challenging. Beer drinkers came in, often only looking for commercial brews and many walked out the minute they saw the prices. “It does cost more, but you pay for the craft and the quality,” Lim explains, adding that each craft beer is testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the brewer. Over the years, Lim and his team have endured many challenges, but their passion to promote little-known, high-quality craft beer remains inextinguishable.

Several years ago, they launched the Better Beer Festival – Malaysia’s largest craft beer event. Today, Taps showcases more than 14 different brews on tap – from light, refreshing Pilsners to strong stouts, and 150 different craft beers from all corners of the globe. “The fastest way to make friends is by walking into a craft beer bar. You may have different opinions, but when you sit down and talk about a beer you’ve never had before, you’re on common ground.”

The Bar Awards KL 2018 will take place on 25 November 2018. To find out how you can nominate your favourite bar, or to attend the events leading up to the awards finale, find The Bar Awards on would like to express our gratitude to Tron Young for his assistance in organising our photo and video shoots.

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