Here’s the Juice on the 911 Meet & Greet in Kuala Lumpur

Kids nowadays will never understand why this isn’t the first time… won’t be the last time… for a boyband to make grown-up 90s kids giddy with the same kind of excitement their children get watching Peppa Pig nowadays.

The new generation might not get it, but those born before the year 1990 understand just how big a presence boybands used to have during our youth. One of the most popular was 911, which featured Lee Brennan, Jimmy Constable and Spike Dawbarn. Known for their adorable baby faces and clean band image, they quickly garnered a huge following thanks to catchy songs like All I Want Is You and Love Sensation.

As one of the event’s main sponsors, was proud to present the Soggy No-More Fanny Pack made from recycled life jacket to the 911 band members.
Left to right: Jimmy Constable, Deromp Marketing CEO William Lim, CEO Spencer Lee, Lee Brennan, and Spike Dawbarn.

It may have taken them some 19 years to return to Malaysia after their last concert in 2000, but the timing is just perfect. The now grown-up teenagers from the 90s are in need of some Bodyshakin’ nostalgia.

Like the other big boybands that visited Kuala Lumpur in recent years, 911 is currently in town for the 911–The Reunion 2019: Kuala Lumpur concert, happening on 22 June at Quill Convention Centre. Tickets for the show are already sold out, proving just how much people still love 911 even after all these years.

British boyband 911 with lucky winners of the x 911 contest.
Birthday girl Jzune Wong was happy to receive an autographed poster of 911.

Fresh from their press conference the day before, the band spent some time with eager fans at a special meet and greet at Rama V Restaurant on Thursday night. Alongside delicious Thai cuisine, guests were treated with fun activities including a sing-along and a game of Heads Up!.

Laughter filled the room during the Q&A session, where band members answered random questions submitted by guests before the event started. Spike happily revealed that it was always Lee who would take the longest time to get ready, while Lee shared how he wished he had learned how to dance before meeting the other guys and forming the band. When asked if they would eat durians, they collectively agreed that Lee might just do it.

Lee Brennan recording the guests and fans singing along to 911 songs for his social media feed.
More than 50 guests and fans were in attendance at the exclusive 911 Meet & Greet in Kuala Lumpur.

Amongst the die-hard fans in the house included Wendy Lim, who came all the way from Melaka for this session. A true 911-er since she was 14 years old, she disclosed with that she used to only dream about seeing the band in person, as her hometown was a couple of hours away from KL. So she made do by singing along to all the 911 albums she bought from a local music store and pored over magazines like Galaxy and Smash Hits for her weekly dose of 911 goss.

Wendy no longer keeps the magazines, but she still has all the CDs, which she brought to the meet and greet for all three members to sign. Now 36 years old, she is beyond excited at the prospect of watching 911 perform live. For Wendy, her teenage dream is about to come true, and for many other fans, this concert would be like a fantastic nostalgic trip back to the great 90s.

A hardcore fan of since she was 14, Wendy Lim has all of 911 albums during the 90s.
A game of Heads Up! at the Meet & Greet session.

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