5 Tasty Treats at Macao Gourmet Walk

The phrase “on a diet” has no meaning here, so perish that thought and allow yourself to savour the very best!

1. Cotai Egg Tart

Flaky crust with a caramelized golden topping is the definition of Macao’s egg tarts. Follow your nose to these tantalizing oven-fresh treats and order half a dozen for yourself because one is never enough. Trust me!

Cotai Egg Tart - Macao Gourmet Walk

2. Serradura

Most Portuguese sweets and desserts feature egg in some form or another, and the Serradura is no exception. Made from sweetened vanilla whipped cream topped with ‘sawdust’ (crushed tea biscuits), this is a must-try dessert for anyone who visits Macao.

Serradura - Macao Gourmet Walk

3. Dai Pai Dong

Dai Pai Dong literally means “restaurant with a big license plate” but it’s basically the open air food stall popular in Asian countries with a large Cantonese speaking community, such as Hong Kong and Malaysia. At Dai Pai Dong the restaurant, you’ll get to order some of the best street foods in the comfort of Macao Gourmet Walk.

Wagyu Beef Minchi with Organic Portuguese Potatoes & Egg - Macao Gourmet Walk

4. Ice Cream Sandwich

Whoever thought of putting ice cream between two wafers is a genius. At Macao Gourmet Walk, there is a variety of ice cream flavours to choose from, such as mango and piña colada.

Ice Cream Sandwich - Macao Gourmet Walk

5. Pork Chop Bun

Resting in the centre of a bread bun is a generous serving of a juicy pork chop. You can choose either the soft bun, hard bun or pineapple bun (no, they are not made with pineapples but it resembles the shape) to go with your pork chop, depending on your bread preference. Personally, I like the pineapple bun because it adds a sweet and savoury dimension to the overall taste.

Pork Chop Bun - Macao Gourment Walk

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