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20 Things That Make Us Absolutely Malaysian

We Malaysians may complain a lot about the state of things (like the weather, the economy and certain people), but if you think about it for just a few seconds, we’re lucky — all things considered. 

We have great food, great people, and despite us fighting (time and time again) about how different we are, we are actually pretty much the same. Here’s how:

1. We Call the Waiters ‘Bro’, ‘Boss’ or ‘Anneh’

Isn’t it nice to have a boss that’s not breathing down your neck waiting for deadlines… Image: @nasikandarpelita

2. We’re Always Someone’s Leng Lui or Leng Zhai

Perhaps the uncle/aunty at the kopitiam genuinely mean it. Image: @fariskamar_

3. We Go Yum Char Often. And We ALWAYS Talk about Food

When it’s breakfast, we talk about lunch. When it’s lunch, we talk about dinner. Image: @paulo_from_nz

4. We Use a Combination of at Least 2 Languages in Our Daily Conversation. Example: “Dei, Why You Bojio Me?”

Or the famous unnecessary Malaysian phrase, “Jom cuba try test”… Image:

5. We’re Always ‘On the Way’

On the way out of bed, you mean! Image: Pinterest

6. We Use the ‘Traffic Jam’ As Our Number One Excuse. ALWAYS

This, or if you have a really bad toilet dilemma in the morning… Image: @ijartemir

7. We Use Lah, or Bah or Both. Or Any Other Accompaniment

A picture paints a thousand words. A slang paints the entire thesis. Image: Pinterest

8. We Totally Love Free Gifts

A 99% discount? Meh. Free? I’ll queue 12 hours for it!. Image: Pinterest

9. We Think Walking across the Road with Our Hand out Is the Magical ‘Stop’ Sign

Even Magneto would be envious. Image: Unsplash

10. We Have a Local Favourite Food at Least Once a Week. and We Eat Everything with Chilli or Sambal

And wherever the dish permits, soy sauce. Image: @vinquilop

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11. We Are Extra Patriotic When Knowing That If We Win, We Get a Public Holiday!

Nothing unites Malaysian like Lee Chong Wei, public holidays, and brotherly banter about our Singaporean neighbours. Image: Telegraph UK

12. We Are Very Kiasu or Busybody

Everyone remembers the great Minion toys war of 2012. Image:

13. We Love Our Pasar Malam

Even if we don’t buy anything, it’s a weekly ritual. Image: @anuelina76

14. We Think Every Time Is a Good Time for Teh Tarik

Eating nasi lemak? Finish it with teh tarik. Mee goreng? Pair it with teh tarik. Drinking teh tarik? Top it up with teh tarik. Image: @tehtarikplace

15. We Constantly Have Cravings for Ramly Burger

Who cares if it’s actually of a different brand. It’ll still be a Ramly. Image: @phuah79

16. We Watch Football or Badminton at the Mamak Regularly

The cheers echo through your houses, the next neighbourhood, and some remote village in Kodiang. Image: Sayuti Zainudin

17. We Eat Durian Literally Anywhere, Anytime

You can  smell the sweet durian aroma coming from this picture, can’t you? Image: @alf23g

18. We Look Forward to Petronas Ads Every Year

And we all respect the legendary Yasmin Ahmad too! Image: @hipsje

19. We Specialise in Maggi

Ever heard Maggi with Milo? We have! Caution: Be careful not to dive deeper into the dark web of Maggi recipes. Image: @nahzakm

20. We Own at Least One Set of Traditional Costumes in Our Wardrobe

Cheongsam, kebaya, baju kurung, saree…what do you have? Image: @purrshaya

BONUS: We always start a conversation with, “Dah makan?” (Have you eaten?)

There we go. The Malaysian starter pack!

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Written by Kathlyn Ursula D'Souza

Professionally a journalist, personally a lover of all things fried chicken, Gogorn (her big black German Shepherd) and ice cream.

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