10 More Unique Activities to Try in Southeast Asia

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Ready for a second helping of unique things to do in Asean? You got it! Here’s another roundup of our favourites, including well-kept secrets and popular activities.

Brunei: Visit the oil town that started it all


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Brunei is known for its black gold, which makes a trip to the Seria, the epicentre of the oil wells, a fitting excursion when you come to this oil-rich kingdom. Standard tours include a photo stop at the Billionth Barrel Monument and ample time at Brunei Shell Petroleum’s Oil & Gas Discovery Centre.

Cambodia: Watch unique shows in Siem Reap


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Let theatre magic teach you things you didn’t know about the culture and history of Cambodia. Bambu Stage presents three distinct productions revolving around the temples of Angkor, the photographic history of Cambodia, and a puppet show of tales both traditional and new.

Indonesia: Cross a 100-year-old bridge made of tree roots


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The town of Bayang, 88km south of Padang, draws visitors for an unusual attraction. The intertwined roots of two banyan trees planted in 1890 serve as a 25-metre bridge connecting two villages, testament to the strength and beauty of nature respectfully harnessed by man.  

Laos: Ride a boat through a cave system

Fancy travelling a long way just to ride a wooden boat through a 7km-long pitch-black limestone cave with chambers up to 100m tall? For those who are not afraid of the dark (and of getting wet in a subterranean river), Kong Lor Cave is sure to be an unforgettable adventure!

Malaysia: Take a night jungle walk in the one of the world’s oldest rainforests

A wide variety of birds, plants and insects are sure to be seen at Taman Negara, the country’s biggest and oldest national park, just a few hours away from Kuala Lumpur. If you’re lucky, you might spot wild boar, deer and tapir at the park’s salt licks.

Myanmar: Soak up local life on Yangon’s circle train


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Possibly the cheapest three-hour city train ride in the world, the circle railway line covers 39 stations in a loop—perfect for people watching and photography. There’s never a dull moment, as locals board the train with goods and livestock, whilst the scenery along the way shows the real Yangon you won’t see on a tour.

Philippines: Solve a mystery in Old Manila


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Manila Who is not your usual history lesson. Solve a fictional murder in a story-driven outdoor walk or break the curse of a painting in an indoor game and rediscover Escolta, once Manila’s high street, which fell out of favour for decades and is now slowly getting the attention it deserves.

Singapore: Attend a top-secret dinner party


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How about an exclusive immersive dining experience with a hidden venue that guests will be given clues about on the day itself? If Andsoforth’s concept intrigues you, be forewarned: spaces sell out fast, but if you get hold of one and come without expectations, you will find yourself entertained by their creative collaborators and treated to a themed feast to remember.

Thailand: Make paper from elephant dung

Touching and smelling elephant droppings may not sound like fun, but you’ll be amazed at how these fibrous balls become tree-free, chemical-free and fair trade paper at Chiang Mai’s Elephant POOPOOPAPER Park (try saying that with a straight face). Now that’s truly one-of-a-kind souvenir!

Vietnam: Ride a boat through a flooded forest


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Tra Su Forest near the Cambodian border is the stuff of dreams. This protected area of 850 hectares, once a hideout for revolutionaries, is now a wildlife reserve. Rowboats float on water covered with algae, water cabbage and lilies as various birds perch on branches or appear to walk on the water’s surface.

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